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About us

Who We Are

We, at SADAGROUP, never fail to be ourselves. Every team member is reinforced, every product reflects our perfect image, and every achievement points towards our promising future.
We are a definition of quality, and following 21 years of strong presence in the field, we aim to constantly abide by our core ethics:

1- Total transparency and high-quality products.
Our journey has led us to become successful and highly sufficient, since we first started in 1999, and enabled our products to take over the local and international markets.
Our huge development and expansion gave us space to take in more than 1,850 products from a wide array of renowned brands. Not only do we specialize in manufacturing cosmetics and household cleaners, but we also own a group of leading and innovative personal & home care items.
With an area extending over 35,000 square meters, SADAGROUP boasts its Head Offices in Lebanon, Jiyeh, DahrAl-Maghara to became an essential part of every Lebanese household.

2- Quality & Safety Standards.
Quality, Our Priority
We take our production very seriously, so we find ourselves in constant search for the best, starting from the basics: Raw materials – offering the best means choosing the best.
All our high-quality raw materials undergo required international testing before the production process is approved. Then, this process is monitored by a specialized certified team to guarantee quality, all the way to reach the packing lines.
Efficient Safety Measures
Quality isn’t limited to selecting top-notch materials, but it also includes ensuring safe and effective products and services.Thus, we seek to keep working hard to provide you with the best quality, all while ensuring the safety of our team and the safe use of our final products.

3- Inside our Factory
Manufacturing at its Best
For us to reach the future of Beauty, we are working hard to evolve faster to meet everyone’s expectations. We strive for excellence in our manufacturing, and know that excellence is achieved through dedication and hard work.
At SADAGROUP, we handle the manufacturing process with extra care by dividing it into several steps;
It all starts with the laboratory department, which is equipped with the most advanced technologies and devices used internationally to inspect and test raw materials, do our research and maintain safety standards.Then, the manufacturing process is launched to guarantee all products compliance to the highest quality and safety standards.
For us to achieve excellence in our manufacturing and ensure high-quality products, we make sure that our raw materials undergo a set of tests before any kind of use;
- Physical inspection of the sample,
- Chemical test,
- And biological test.
The biological test is where we insert all the needed materials into the products in an ecofriendly way, through a highly advanced device known as LAMINAR FLOW. This device provides clean air free of impurities and dust, so that the materials do not get affected in the future by any harmful bacteria.
It is inevitable to mention that Water is also the essence of our exquisite product quality. We use an advanced filtration system in our manufacturing process and conduct a set of necessary checks to ensure its safety.
Our Lavish Execution
Paving the way towards the Beauty of tomorrow is an adventure. And here at SADAGROUP, it is a lavish one.
We are becoming pioneers in this industry, all thanks to our execution process that only takes three minutes! Our products are automatically filled through advanced packing lines. Then, empty plastic boxes are transformed into high-quality Lebanese products. Imagine that the production capacity of these lines can reach about 800 tons in 12 hours!
Upon the completion of manufacturing, special records are
documented through samples and archived for each production process. They are subsequently sent to the company laboratories and the laboratories of the Industrial Research Institute for peculiar analysis, the protection of the final product, and its conformity with the highest international quality as well as safety standards.
We are always proud to say that SADAGROUP won the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 Award in 2015, and we owe it to our exquisite accuracy and constant follow-up.

4- Strategy & Model.
SADAGROUP is striving to reach universalization
The business grew and so did our commercial and marketing strategies. At SADAGROUP, we strive to obtain a global presence through our unique brand image. With this development, marketing became a fundamental base for our perseverance, and good marketing requires great local talent.
Our products are created and manufactured locally, so that they perfectly adapt the needs of our loyal consumers in both the local and worldwide market.
With attentive follow-up and a dedicated consistency, we were able to reach more than 42,000 sales points in Lebanon and distribute our high-quality products to various retailers such as barbershops, hypermarket, cooperative societies, beauty salons, cosmetic stores, pharmacies, and many more.
Ensuring Safe Travels
At SADAGROUP, we work hard to make sure our products reach consumers in the best of quality - what constitutes the first point of launching our products around the world to more than 45 different countries among America, Australia, Europe, the GCC, and northern Africa. We are currently establishing a completely new warehouse project on an area of 35,000 square meters, equipped with the latest advanced technologies to increase the capacity, and thus meet export orders of all sizes. This project will pave the way to a global industrial presence, allowing our brand to be brought into the universal market quickly and efficiently. Our local distribution process is carried out daily through a fleet of 125 cars, present and ready to spread all over the Lebanese lands.

5- Our Performance
We believe in teamwork, team spirit and support, and we, as SADAGROUP, will always empower local teams and their potential.
Since sales representatives and distributors attract new sales points and reflect the company image, they undergo intensive training and carry out the local marketing process through the Lebanese Marketing and Distribution Department, under the direction of supervisors. Their role is not limited to ensuring a good workflow, but it extends to guaranteeing the best after-sale service through the phone, social media platforms, or even by visiting the customer in person, and that created a thread of confidence between us and the clients.
We will always compete with elite world brands with the purpose to rank Lebanon on the top of the Excellence map.

6- Values & Mindset
At SADAGROUP, we put our 5 values at the core of everything we accomplish.
First and foremost, comes Transparency, followed by Responsibility, Ambition, Dedication and Excellence.
Because integrity is what maintains a trustful relationship with our partners and clients, we are blunt and transparent from A to Z about all our procedures as well as products.
At all times, we have a sense of responsibility to offer healthy and safe products and guarantee a nourishing environment to our employees. Let’s not forget about the respect we show to our planet and our responsibility to protect the beauty of the earth.
There is no will, no motivation, no success without ambition and great passion. And that is what we abide by. We make sure to stimulate the creativity and ambition of our team members and ensure a safe space for them to get inspired, share and grow. New ideas and innovations are always welcome!
Dedication means success. Perseverance means every time you fall, you stand up and keep going… every time you fail, you try again. Our dedication goes beyond words, it’s a deep feeling that we nourish and reflect. Yes, we owe it to ourselves to reach our dreams, especially with such huge potential at SADAGROUP.
To excel in our work and surpass ourselves, ‘okay’ won’t do. We need ‘Excellent’… Excellent quality, excellent ideas, excellent application, and excellent products. We are in a constant journey for exceeding expectations and always, always doing better.

Beauty is a universal power, and simply being part of it and knowing that we are impacting societies and generations-to-be is a great achievement for us.
Another major milestone would be our PRIVATE LABELING division, proudly brought by our unique and outstanding quality of products that achieved a wide global resonance. This
means that we offer products under a trademark customized to merchants and companies, for both home-care and personal care products.
For us, leaving an imprint is ensured by standing out. To do so, we brought unique products to the Lebanese market, products that were not available, products that were mostly imported.
Today, we boast around 1,850 varieties that were crowned with the internationally recognized GMP certificate in addition to the conformity mark to the Lebanese and international standards from the Industrial Research Institute (IRI).
We believe that success has no limits! So, we embarked on a new adventure, a new experience by focusing on the production of household cleaning supplies and sterilizers.
Why not get out of the box and try something new? And for this unique purpose, a brand- new sub factory saw the light, SADAPACK INDUSTRIES.
Our newly established plant was completely separated from the cosmetic factories due to sensitivity and safety reasons. It includes the latest global technologies that provide an automatic and self-sustaining industry, to ensure quality and speed during the production processes.
Following this development, we, at SADAGROUP, became a symbol of the self-sufficient Lebanese industry.

8- Our Mission
Be your own kind of beauty.
For decades, we made beauty our mission; a mission that goes beyond looks.
Beauty comes in all shapes and forms. It starts from within and reflects our outstanding personality, grows our self-confidence, and attracts all that complements our goals.
At SADAGROUP, we aim to help everyone discover the key to their own beauty and what makes them unique in their own way. The sky is our only limit and with persistence, all can be achieved.
Elegance is the essence of beauty.
To constantly stand out and keep our beauty products unique, we rely on our secret element: Elegance. Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner. We show elegance through simplicity and let you achieve it by being more confident through our wide variety of top-notch products.
We, at SADAGROUP, are not simply a company. We represent a partnership between team members who are devoted to a promise of perseverance and commitment.
Our promise remains to ensure the highest quality, while following international standards as we have always done. We believe that success comes with transparency and dedication and that is what we deliver without exception.

9- Our Vision
We aim high at SADAGROUP. The company’s dreams are not just limited to its 35,000- square-meter Head Offices but extend over the country, and hopefully soon the whole world.
We believe in the full potential of our local talents, and there is no better reason than that to encourage us to grow and reach our goals. We aim at mitigating regional displacement, through the establishment of a factory specialized in manufacturing AEROSOLS and sterile napkins in the Lebanese southern region, Chebaa. Therefore, products like air fresheners, body sprays, hair sprays, wet wipes, and many others are being produced at our factory.
Our local workforce represents our image. They are our family, our superpower and the reason behind every step forward, be it minor or major.
For this, we find it best to support every member of our local workforce by protecting their jobs, motivating them by securing job opportunities, caring about the team’s health and striving to keep them safe no matter what.
Dedication is key. And we are dedicated to providing the best quality of products with the appreciated help of the unique talents found in our country.