About Us

At SADAPACK we are passionate about innovation, quality and service. We develop and produce high quality personal care and beauty products for more than 50 international markets.

Founded in 1999 through a family partnership for the manufacture of cosmetics to supply ONLY the Lebanese market, we found ourselves, due to our quality and service, present in more than 50 international countries.

Our factory is currently one of  the largest in the Middle East; more than 45,000 sqm ready to supply our customers and any time of the year. 

Quality is everything. 

SADAPACK  provides advanced quality control in an industry where excellence is expected. Measures are applied throughout the manufacturing process from the chemist in our labs to the production line, assuring you the finest products and packaging. We make the impossible possible. No job is too complex. No formula is too complicated. We take on what our competitors cannot.

Producing more than 100 range of products,
Sadapack opened its own laboratories,
manufacturing plants.
Jiyeh, Daher Al . Mghara-Lebanon . P.O.Box 012 Damour . info@sadapack.com . +961 7 985885